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Burberry’s House Check, no more

In a move that shocked many, Burberry’s new creative director, the inimitable Riccardo Tisci followed in his predecessor’s footsteps to ensure that iconic house check print is soon to be no more. Change is often tough, especially when it involves adapting concepts which hold such affection and emotional-attachment en masse. But they say that change is good. Especially when it delivers a true Burberry classic re-imagined for a fashion-minded public, reminding us just how much heritage surrounds this British fashion brand.

Enter Vintage Check!

First used in the 1960s, Burberry’s vintage check was revived for the runway in September 2017 on all icons: trench coats, ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes and handbags. Complementing the new signature pattern one will find an eclectic blend of tighter lines and antique tones, bringing this remarkable collection to life.

Burberry D-Ring
Burberry D-Ring

Bailey indulged himself in the Burberry archives, to bring former prints, motifs and iconography into modern-day fashion. He has made sure to exit with a bang, though valiant and intricate designs for the contemporary man and woman.

Let’s join together in bidding House Check farewell and say brace as we welcome Vintage Check; a classic icon, here to stay.


Stars in Check



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